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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Linux client

We offer our Linux client for automatic account updates as a free download; this runs on Linux and UNIX-based systems.
Compared to the Perl script, this version is lean, doesn't need a configuration file and doesn't offer a graphical interface.

64 bit version from 28. october 2016
Linux (AMD64 / IntelEM64T)

Source Code

32 bit version from 20. september 2013
Linux (x86)


You can obtain a detailed document from the download archive.

Configuration check

If you have carried out an account update, you should definitely check this. Via you can check your current account configuration (LOG).

Firewall configuration

You have to adapt your firewall if you have configured special rules for outgoing connections.
You have to allow DynAccessPoster a free outgoing connection according to the following overview.

Windows client Linux/Perl-client
(account update)
TCP 900TCP 905
(request the current dyn. IP)
TCP 901TCP 906
HeartBeat UDP 910UDP 910

No configuration is necessary for incoming connections.

If present, correspondingly adapt the intruder detection.
Due to the short intervals and the fact that the client always sends the same information, your firewall might block this. In the log, you can recognise intruder-detection defense if you see many account neutralisations.

Final note

It is not meaningful to start this update program (DynAccessPoster) more than once in your LAN. The DynAccess clients and their specifications are adapted to the DynAccess servers.
Multiple account updates from different programs have more negative than positive effects, especially when using the HeartBeat.


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