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FAQ - Account configuration

Please carry out the account configuration at our customer centre
Via the quick-navigation links "LOGS" you can view a chronological list of your previous account updates. "Blue" entries denote a change in the IP address or DNS changes; "red" entries denote a disrupted connection and an expired account.

You can configure the features which your tariff allows via the quick-navigation link "account configuration".

Expiration time
You don't have to worry about this item if you update your account with one of our programs for automatic account updates, since our programs automatically set this parameter to the best possible value allowed by your tariff.
You should also not configure this item if you are using a Lancom router or the OSIcom Box from the company PDS.

If you are using another solution, e.g. a hardware router which cannot set this parameter, then enter a meaningful value manually.
You should enter the interval in which you carry out an account update. If your provider disrupts your internet connection after 24h, then enter 1440 minutes if your router only updates when there is an IP change.
Please check this frequently in the LOG during the first few days after changing it.
Adjust the value for the expiration time so that you have no "red" entries in the log which indicate that we neutralised it after the expiration time had been reached.
On the other hand, don't set the value too high. 1445-1450 is often a good value if your provider disrupts the connection once a day.

Expire after missed HeartBeats
If you use our HeartBeat, then your account is automatically neutralised (i.e. configured with a neutral IP) if 3 consecutive HeartBeats are missed.
If you notice that your account is being frequently neutralised without an IP change, then this is certainly due to your internet connection being overloaded or the loss of UDP packets.
The most urgent goal should of course be to solve the primary problem.
In order to achieve short-term stability for your account, you can, however, influence the tolerance of DynAccess. You can increase the number of missed HeartBeats necessary to neutralise your account.

Advanced SetIP instead of HeartBeat
If you cannot use the HeartBeat in the HeartBeat tariffs or if using the HeartBeat leads to an unstable DynAccess account due to UDP problems, then you can use Advanced SetIP instead.
For this, we increase the number of regular account updates. In the HeartBeat C tariff this means 228 per day, i.e. every 5 minutes.
If you are using our software for automatic account updates, then you can turn on Advanced SetIP via this switch.
If you are using a Lancom router, then Advanced SetIP is also available without activating this switch. When configuring the Lancom router you only have to enter the corresponding expiration time.

TTL refers to the "Time-to-live". The TTL time is the time span for which a nameserver should cache information without asking DynAccess for the current IP.
If you are using a nameserver which is overloaded, then it is possible that it is distributing either no or obsolete information.
By increasing the TTL, as with the feature "Expire after missing HeartBeats", you do not solve the problem - but you can reduce the number of critical moments.
If you are having problems with the name resolution for a DynAccess account, then you should use another name server or think about using an in-house nameserver as just a resolver.

Expiration IP
If we neutralise your account due to the expiration time being reached, then we configure it with a neutral IP.
You can also determine what this IP is.
Please keep in mind that the desired services have to be available at all times on the corresponding machine.

Expiration URL
As described for the feature "Expiration IP", you can enter a URL here to which we redirect HTTP requests.
Make sure that it starts with "http://". For technical reasons, this feature is available only for HTTP access and cannot be used in combination with the "expiration IP" feature because DNS cannot distinguish between services and protocols (e.g. www, ftp, vpn,...). Only email and VoIP/ENUM can be configured separately.

Mail exchanger
If you would like to receive email directly on your DynAccess account, activate the checkbox "directly to the DynAccess account". You can, however, direct emails addressed to you to another server in which case you can fill in the text-entry field.
Please keep in mind that you should in no case enter an IP, but rather a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name), e.g. "".
In addition, the mail server you enter has to be prepared to receive your emails.
Please do not confuse this feature with email forwarding. For this, you can use our email-forwarding feature.

Backup MX
A backup mail exchanger is a server which receives your emails when the primary email server is unavailable. It automatically forwards the emails to the primary email server when it is back online.
As with a "mail exchanger", the "backup MX" must also be configured to receive your emails.
In the Business C tariff and higher you can use our Backup MX free of charge. If you would like to use the DynAccess backup mail-exchanger, activate it via the checkbox.

Email forwarding
If you are offline, then emails addressed to you land on our backup MX (if you have activated it via the checkbox).
We automatically forward these emails to you when you are back online. Alternatively, you can forward the emails stored on the backup MX to another email address, instead of leaving them on the backup MX.
In order to use this feature, enter in the corresponding field your email address to which we should forward emails addressed to you. If you do not configure anything for the "MailExchanger", then emails addressed to you are sent to our backup email server which forwards your emails to the address you supplied. Otherwise, the sending email server will first try to reach the servers listed under "MailExchanger". Only if they are unreachable will our servers be activated for email forwarding.

Anti-spam level
Emails which pass through our backup mail servers are tested for viruses and spam content.
Emails in which viruses are detected are rejected immediately. For spam protection, you can configure the smam-blocker individually. A "hard" configuration corresponds to a low anti-spam level. The higher the value, the more spam it will let through.
We use Spamassassin for our anti-spam solution. Each mail is assigned a score based on various patterns. The higher the total score, the higher the certainty that the email is spam.

Hidden MX10
You can activate this feature via mouseclick.
Please take our feature description into account.

With DynAccess, you can define further subdomains below your account.
You can enter these additional subdomains, separated by commas, into the field.
For example, if you enter "www,ftp,smtp", then the following addresses are available:, and
If you are using DynAccess with a "real" domain, then these subdomains are associated with your domain. For example,, and

Notify level
If you are offline, then we neutralise your account. If so desired, then we inform you via email to the email address you have registered with us.
The levels "Standard" and "Advanced" are available.
In the "Advanced" level, we inform you about each IP change and of course about each account neutralisation. This quickly uncovers unstable connections.
In the "Standard" level, we inform you about each account neutralisation and account reactivation. We do not inform you about IP changes which did not lead to an account neutralisation. Usually, this level is sufficient.

Additional notification email addresses
Here you can enter, separated by commas, additional email addresses to which we send short status messages if you are offline or if we were able to reactivate your account.
You can thus, for example, send status messages to your BlackBerry.

SMS notification
If you don't have a BlackBerry, you can let yourself be informed with short status messages via SMS.
Please enter the mobile-phone number in international format.
You can also indicate during which times of day you would like to be informed. Note that the time should be entered in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
If you choose, for example, "06", then you are notified of account outages between 06:00 and 06:59.
If you choose "06" as the first checkbox, then you will receive an SMS if your account has been neutralised during a time without notification and is still offline at 06:00 (UTC) in the morning.
As described in the discussion of payment in the feature description, this feature leads to additional costs.

Email address for increased usage of the SMTP relay servers
If you send more emails via our SMTP relay servers than is allowed by the corresponding HeartBeat tariff, then here you can register additional sender addresses for increased usage.
If this becomes necessary for you, then our system informs you automatically.


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