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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

FAQ - Account updates

Wrong access credentials?
Did you take case (upper/lower) into account when entering your password?
It is also possible that you did not correctly fill in the fields "account" and "domain". If your complete DynAccess accountname is, for example,, then enter "test" into the "account" field and "" into the "domain" field.

Firewall active?
You must adapt your firewall if you have configured special rules for outgoing connections.
You must allow DynAccess-Poster to establish an external connection according to the following table.

Windows client Linux-client
(account updates)
TCP 900TCP 905
(determine your own dyn. IP)
TCP 901TCP 906
HeartBeat UDP 910UDP 910

No configuration is necessary for incoming connections.

If present, adapt your intruder-detection configuration correspondingly.
Due to the fact that the client sends the same information at short intervals, your firewall might block it. In the log at you can notice intruder-detection defense via frequent account neutralisations.


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