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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

FAQ - Login

I have forgotten my password
Your obtain your password via our interface
We send it to the email address you have registered with us. If this address is no longer valid and the email is returned as not deliverable, our system automatically tries to use the 2nd email address registered with us.
If no email address registered with us is valid, then it is necessary that you identify yourself to us in order to provide you with the password. Send us an email or fax containing information which clearly demonstrates that you are the holder of the account whose password you are requesting.

The automatic email which you receive is for security reasons not identifiable as an answer to a password request. Nevertheless, you can find the password as well as additional information in the email.

Login doesn't work
Did you take uppercase and lowercase letters into account when typing your password?
It is also possible that you did not properly fill in the fields account and domain. If your complete account name is, for example,, then enter "test" into the account field and "" into the domain field.


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