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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  


If you are an old hand at the subject of dynamic DNS, then you will not get what you expect from DynAccess.
DynAccess offers you additional features along with the basic functionality of dynamic DNS!

Features which are conceived mainly for businesses and special requirements.
Our features improve your dynamic connection so much that the advantages offered by a static IP are no longer relevant. The price advantage, however, is obvious.

DynAccess offers features with which you can implement not just remote maintenance and VPN for networking your site.
With DynAccess you can, for example, securely operate an in-house email server for directly receiving your email.
Often, our HeartBeat is "misused" for server monitoring.

Take a few minutes' time to acquaint yourself with our feature description, in order to discover anew the possibilities of dynamic DNS.


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