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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Advanced SetIP

Advanced SetIP in the HeartBeat tariffs is an alternative to the actual HeartBeat.

If you do not carry out your account updates with our software, then your software will certainly not support the HeartBeat. Thus even Lancom routers with direct DynAccess support cannot send the HeartBeat since the action table does not allow the transmission of UDP packets. With Advanced SetIP we give you the possibility to increase the frequency of account updates on the basis of SetIP in order to ensure the best security possible.

A further example of where this can be useful are problems which can arise if you don't permanently have a high-quality internet connection. Problems can also occur if your own LAN is overloaded and packet loss occurs too often. In principle a situation which should be quickly corrected.
Since, in contrast to SetIP, the HeartBeat makes use of connectionless UDP packets, this requires a high-quality internet connection without packet loss.
DynAccess offers, in the HeartBeat tariffs, the possibility to switch from the HeartBeat mode to Advanced SetIP, which makes use of TCP connections where packet losses can be detected. Our account-update software offers you the possibility of such a configuration.

What is Advanced SetIP?
"Advanced" SetIP since we reduce the SetIP interval from 30 minutes (with which you can update your account in addition to the HeartBeats) to as short as 5 minutes, in order to be able to carry out successful account updates with the highest frequency possible.





Advanced SetIP


setIP every

HeartBeat every


setIP every

HeartBeat every

HeartBeat A
HeartBeat B
HeartBeat C
30 minutes 45 seconds
30 minutes 15 seconds
30 minutes 5 seconds
15 minutes N / A
10 minutes N / A
5 minutes N / A

If you cannot make use of our HeartBeat feature for technical reasons, we offer you the possibility of Advanced SetIP with which the number of "normal" SetIPs (account updates) is increased.
If possible, however, you should use the HeartBeat.


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