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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Hardware routers

Although our automatic account-update software operates independently of routers, there are network structures where a Windows or Linux PC which can run our account-update software is not or not permanently available.
In these cases, it is recommended to carry out regular account updates via the hardware router.

Since the basic idea of dynamic DNS does not go very far, DDNS services which copy do not offer any additional security-relevant features. Precisely these features make DynAccess into a service which is unique world-wide.
Router manufacturers have usually limited themselves to implementing DDNS integration on the basis of and its copies.
The biggest disadvantage is that the routers carry out an account update only in the case of an IP change. DynAccess, in contrast, requires as a minimum regular account updates.

This is the reason why we do not appear in the pull-down lists of every hardware router and do not want to appear there.
We are in contact with many companies focussed on the business customer and are attempting to broaden the palette of products with direct direct DynAccess support.

Hardware routers with direct DynAccess support are offered by
 - Lancom-Systems
 - the Lancom-based routers of Deutsche Telekom AG

PC based routers/VPN/communication solutions with direct DynAccess support are offered by
 - the OSIkom Box from PDS
 - the BlackBox from team2work

For freely configurable hardware routers we offer a interface.
Known to us at the present time are individual routers from the manufacturers
 - AVM (Fritz!Box, KEN)
 - D-Link (depending on the firmware)
 - SMC

If possible, you should in every case prefer our software for automatic account updates to any other solution. For only our software guarantees 100% support for DynAccess with all of its security-relevant functions, the use of our fall-back systems and of the HeartBeat.
Do not worry about using the above-mentioned products with direct DynAccess support. However, keep in mind that the features are limited.


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