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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  


By SetIP, we at DynAccess mean an account update. Usually, this is done automatically, i.e. preferably not manually via our web interface

For automatic account updates (Private B and above), at our client-download site you can find the necessary programs and scripts for Windows and Linux available for free download.

Our scripts and programs are designed to contact our redundant DynAccess servers, which are located at various computing centres, depending on the situation and to use our backup servers in the case of problems. Since DynAccess distinguishes itself from other providers especially by the fact that accounts can be updated several times per day, we recommend in any case to use our specially developed software. Also read our feature description concerning "expiration time".

Nevertheless, we offer a system with open interfaces.
We offer you the possibility to develop your own applications for automatic accout updates. In our specifications you can find descriptions of our interfaces. If possible, however, you should use our solutions which have been tested for several years. Only these offer extensive and special features for problem-free account updates and make use of our redundant server structures.

We would be happy to help you with special projects. Feel free to talk to us about our information for developers.


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