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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  


The configuration of your DynAccess account primarily takes place centrally at

You need to specify only your username and password in your account-update client. The feature configuration you desire is carried out after an account update via the information stored at

Via you can carry out pure account configuration and can access log files which we offer in 3 variations. If you would like to test your connection from outside, you can perform a port scan. Administration of addresses, contact email and billing also takes place centrally via

In addition to this central configuration administration you can also change important parameters during every account update with your own scripts and programs.
You should use this possibility only when developing a special project. Experience has shown that the central account configuration has its advantages.
In the old versions of our account-update software for Windows and Linux it was possible to carry out account configuration from the programs. Due to the experience we have gained in this area this possibility no longer exists in the current versions.


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