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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Own domain

With DynAccess it is also possible to use "real" domains (e.g. with dynamic DNS. For example, it is thus possible to operate under your own control and on your own server a domain which was previously hosted by a web discounter. Surfers will not notice that you operate this via DynAccess, since your own domain is what is visible to the outside!
Of course you can also use subdomains any way you like.
The configuration and update of your "real" domain takes place via your DynAccess account, which you retain. The data registered when updating your DynAccess account (IP, configuration via are transferred 1:1 to your "real" domain.

You can realise your own domain with DynAccess in the Business C tariff and above. This is below the top-level domains,,, und
This does not cost you anything extra since the domain including provider-change fees (as long as your former provider does not charge any) and fees charged by the corresponding NIC (e.g. VeriSign) are already included in our tariffs.

Send us a free-form request via email in which your provide us with the following data:

domain, account, payment:
 - desired domain   (under com/net/org/info/biz)
 - new registration or change of provider
 - DynAccess account to be associated with the domain
 - tariff of the DynAccess account (at least Business C)
 - date of the proof of receipt of payment

Ihre personal data:
 - first name
 - last name
 - company (if applicable)
 - street
 - post code
 - city
 - state, province etc
 - country
 - telephone
 - telefax
 - email address

Note for rovider changes:
If your domain is currently registered with another provider, then a provider change is necessary.
Terminate the contract for your domain effective immediately and state that this is for a provider change and in no case state that the domain itself is to be terminated.

In any case it is necessary to make sure that the email address of the admin-c is valid and reachable. According to the ICANN statutes, an email is sent automatically to this address to which you have to react appropriately.
In addition, make sure that no "transfer lock" for the domain is in place. If necessary, get your provider to remove the "transfer lock".
For info/biz/org domains, we need the "auth code" which you receive from the former provider in order that we can host the domain.

With DynAccess it is not only possible to have a dynamic IP associated with a DynAccess account. It is no problem for us to realise your desire for a real domain. In this case, we associate your "real" domain with your DynAccess account. That is, your account and the domain receive an identical configuration. Your domain is automatically convigured via regular account updates of your DynAccess account.


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