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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  


With DynAccess it is possible to define further subdomains under your account.
We do not offer "wildcard domains" since these do not function reliably with more complex MX-routing configurations. Dynamic-DNS providers offer them gladly since they are easy to implement on the provider side. Only DynAccess offers you functioning solutions as opposed to trivial ones.

Example:   www.<YourAccount> oder
or even: www.test.<YourAccount>

We propagate the email configuration (mail exchanger and backup-MX) which you have configured to all subdomains defined under your account.

Subdomain configuration for "real" domains:
We carry out the subdomain configuration for a "real" domain according to your account configuration. That is, DynAccess account and "real" domain are directly related to one another.


Subdomains under your account with the same configuration as your account are possible freely and completely "individually" with DynAccess.


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