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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Email features

In large companies, it is perfectly natural to receive emails in real time. Why not for you as well?

For a few years now, email communication has made it possible to receive and forward information without delay.

Email clients are often configured to check the POP3 account at the provider minute by minute, in order to be able to make at least some use of the speed which email makes possible.

However, there is a more elegant way!

Many companies have recognised the value of email and use in-house email servers which ensure that

a) problem-free in-house email communication is possible
b) virus protection can be managed from a central location
c) regular backups can be carried out - on the server side and from a central location

The only thing missing for a perfect setup is direct email reception by the MS exchange, Lotus Notes, Novel GroupWise or Tobit David server.

With DynAccess, you can also implement this with a dynamic IP!


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