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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Backup mail server

A backup mail server or, better, a backup mail exchanger is an essential ingredient of any at least half-way serious business email solution.
If you operate an in-house email server for the direct receipt of email via MX routing on a dynamic IP, then the existence of a backup-MX is essential.
In the Business A and higher tariffs you can configure your own backup-MX with us.

In the Business C and higher tariffs we offer you the use of our backup mail exchanger. For private use, the Business C tariff with an expiration time of 30 minutes might be half-way good enough. For a business environment we recommend at least the HeartBeat A tariff if you want to safely use an in-house email server.

An example:
Let's assume that, due to a technical problem with your internet connection, your email server is no longer connected to the internet. You can no longer directly receive emails. In order to prevent that emails which are addressed to you are not returned to the sender, our backup mail exchanger comes into action and stores the emails temporarily. When you have solved your problem and are back online, your emails are automatically delivered by our backup mail exchanger. The emails are stored for up to 5 days on our backup MX server before they are returned to the sender as undeliverable.

Why a HeartBeat tariff?
Let's assume that your internet connection is disrupted and your last IP is dynamically allocated to another internet user.
If we don't neutralise your account within a few seconds, i.e. configure your account with an IP to which there is no mail server connected, then emails addressed to you will be sent to someone else's server.

3 situations can now occur:


Emails cannot be delivered and are returned to the sender with an error message, unless you make use of our backup mail exchanger service.


Your "former" dynamic IP was assigned to another customer of your internet-access provider (e.g. T-Online).
Your emails can then reach his email server (if he is running one, otherwise see a)). He rejects your emails with the error message "User unknown".
This certainly does not leave a positive impression on your customers.


As described under b), your emails reach someone else's email server which, however, is configured so that it can receive them (default in the case of Tobit David)!
Critical emails meant for you land in someone else's hands!

Technical note:
Our backup mail exchanger stores your emails for up to 5 days before sending them back to the sender with a message saying that they cannot be delivered.
The maximum email size is 15 MB per email, with no further limit on the total number of emails.
A very conservatively configured spam-blocker protects you against most spam if your email is routed via our backup-MX.

If you would like to safely operate an in-house email server which is connected to the internet via a dynamic IP, then DynAccess is your first choice. For only we have the technique of the HeartBeat tariffs which make the use of an essential backup mail server possible.
We are not stating, however, that a backup-MX is not necessary on a static IP.


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