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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Blocking viruses and spam

Viruses and spam have become a real plague during the last few years.
If you use DynAccess to receive emails directly, then, depending on the bandwidth of your internet connection, a bottleneck could arise during a wave of spam.

Every email which passes through our backup mail servers is tested for viruses. Emails with viruses are rejected immediately. In contrast, you can allow spam to be pre-sorted with a freely definable strictness before our backup MX-server completely automatically forwards the emails to you.

You can configure an email to be sent via our backup MX-server as follows.

  • Configure a firewall in front of your mail server so that IPs from which you often receive spam are blocked. If your email server is no longer reachable for the blocked IPs, then our backup MX-server is activated, which forwards virus-free (no guarantee) emails to you. Spam is pre-sorted depending on the spam-blocking strictness you have configured.

  • If you use our email-forwarding feature, but are not using your own in-house email server for the direct receipt of email, then undesired emails are filtered by our backup MX-server.

  • If you are using our Hidden-MX feature, in order to "hide" your in-house email server, then your emails reach you via our backup MX-servers.

Technical note:
In the case of emails which are blocked by our servers, the sender gets a corresponding error message that the email could not be delivered. Undesired emails which have been rejected by an overly restrictive configuration are thus not deleted without a trace. The sender gets a corresponding message.
Due to technical reasons, you receive no information (listing, status report etc) about blocked emails.
In a business situation, we thus recommend a "soft" configuration to block just obvious spam. An additional in-house anti-spam solution with further administrative possibilities for you is explicitly recommended.
In the case of virus-infested emails, there is no "soft" or "hard" configuration. Every email with a virus is blocked.


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