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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Direct email delivery

With DynAccess, in the Private B tariff and above it is possible to receive emails directly on your in-house email server..
You thus don't have to access your emails at our side with your email client via POP3, but can operate your own SMTP server which emails reach via direct "MX routing".
The advantage is that you can access your emails without an intermediate stop at a further provider which gives you not just a speed advantage. You are not limited by the POP3 limits of your provider.
If you operate your own domain via DynAccess (e.g., then emails addressed to addresses under your domain (e.g. reach your in-house email server (e.g. sendmail, MS exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Tobit David etc) directly.

Please do not confuse this feature with email forwarding. For direct email delivery, you have to operate a "real" SMTP server which handles the delivery of email. You then access this email server via your email client (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger etc). Please note also that you cannot simply enter the email server of your provider since this has to be prepared for the delivery and distribution. For email forwarding, we offer an appropriate feature in the HeartBeat tariffs.

An example:
If you make use of your company domain via DynAccess, then your in-house email server handles the distribution to the individual employee mailboxes.
It is not necessary to set up at your provider an individual POP3 account for each employee which he would then have to access regularly via his email client (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger etc) or automate this on the server side with a complex configuration for POP3 access.
If you open your Tobit Infocenter or MS Outlook connected to MS Exchange Server, then you receive your emails in real time!

Your emails should be addressed to <name>@<your-account>.<DynAccess-domain>, thus for example - but not to

If you want to make use of direct email receipt, it is not necessary to host your domain completely with DynAccess.
You can configure email forwarding to email addresses under your DynAccess account with your current internet provider.

Important note:
If you are using this feature in a business environment, then you should also make yourself familiar with our HeartBeat tariffs.
In contrast to our competition with respect to dynamic DNS, we have created a solution with which the operation of an in-house email server on a dynamic IP can be carried out safely.
Consider for a moment what would happen if your internet connection is disrupted due to an internal problem, your dynamic IP is given to another customer of your internet-access provider and you are supposed to be receiving an email ...

If you would like to safely operate an in-house email server which is connected to the internet via a dynamic IP, DynAccess is your first choice. For only we have the technique of the HeartBeat tariffs which make the use of a backup mail server possible.


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