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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Hidden MX

"Hidden MX" refers to a feature through which we allow the direct receipt of emails via your account but do not enter your server into the DNS.

Since "only" our backup mail-exchanger is visible to the outside, if the "Hidden MX" feature is activated, then emails first come to our servers, which are configured to forward emails intended for you to your account.

The advantage of this configuration is that every email addressed to you goes through our servers, which filter out emails with viruses. In addition, most spam is rejected, whereby you can define yourself how strictly this is done.

This is comparable to our email-forwarding feature whereby we don't send your emails to an email address but rather to an email server.

This feature is available in the tariffs HeartBeat B and better.

Please note that our servers can accept emails up to a maximal size of 15 MB.


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