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SMTP relay server

If you send emails from your in-house email server for which the receiving system does not allow the receipt of emails from a dynamic IP, then you need an SMTP relay server.
In the HeartBeat tariffs, you may make use of such an SMTP relay server (

The use of this server is very simple. You do not have to authenticate via SMTP-Auth. Your IP address, which is known to use due to your account update, is allowed to send emails through the SMTP relay server.
It is sufficient to configure the address in your SMTP server as a "smart host". Some SMTP servers allow a destination-dependent configuration, so that some destinations can be sent email directly while other addresses (e.g. T-Online, AOL, ...) can be reached via our SMTP relay server.

Conditions of use:
The SMTP relay server can be used for normal email correspondence, both private and business-related.
However, it is not allowed to use the SMTP relay server for mass mailings - in particular, SPAM.
Keep in mind that all abuse is documented via protocols. In case of abuse, we will consider legal action without notice. Please read our terms and conditions.

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