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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Error analysis

It often happens that a dynamic connection does not behave as desired. But this can also happen with a permanent connection ...

Account monitoring
There are programs running on our servers which analyse your activities. For example, if these notice frequent IP changes then we inform you of this.
In contrast to other dynamic-DNS services, please do not misinterpret these emails as forerunners of the termination of your contract.
DynAccess is a paid-for business service. With these emails we wish only to help you quickly recognise your unstable internet connection.

Detailed notification
Depending on your tariff, we inform you via email and/or SMS if your account is offline. Thus our HeartBeat tariffs are also often used to alert technicians quickly.

Log files
Via our customer centre we offer you verbose logs and also a resumé of your DNS configuration (MX, backup-MX, subdomains, ...).

For example, if you notice that your VPN connection often breaks down, then with the help of the log files you can quickly discover frequent IP changes and connection disruptions. You can also use the exact time of day recorded to put pressure on your internet-connection provider.
But perhaps you have just configured the idle-timeout value of your router to too small a value?

Our FAQ pages provide you with quick information about standard problems.
But also try to understand DynAccess by studying the feature descriptions and use the features meaningfully by making proper use of them.

Email support
If you get stuck, our email support is glad to help and usually responds quickly.
Please understand though that, for cost reasons, we can not offer telephone support.


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