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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Email notification

A disruption of your internet connection and the resulting neutralisation of your DynAccess account is a state which should not be reached.
The goal is of course to keep the connection up permanently. This can be aided by scheduling possible mandatory disruptions due to your internet provider to take place during the night. You can achieve this by a timer on the hardware router which cuts off the power to it if the router does not allow a more elegant possibility.

If your DynAccess account is neutralised, you can be informed of this via email. There are two 2 variants available:

  • You receive a notification at the email address which you provided us with at your registration.
    You can indicate if you wish to be informed about every IP change or only about disruptions.

  • You define additional email addresses to which we send short status messages if we neutralise or reactivate your account. This can also be your mobile phone, which is reachable via email. Usually, you have to get the email function activated at your mobile-phone provider.

You can thus keep informed about the status of your DynAccess account at all times! Your night-shift staff no longer have to sit permanently in front of monitors but can carry out their work, with an emergency mobile phone nearby, in a restaurant (drinking mineral water) as well.

Your account is monitored - we inform you!
If you are a software service provider or one of our resellers who offer your customers the DynAccess service, then you can let yourself be informed and receive disruption messages. Before your customer notices it, you can react and take appropriate action.
Your customer will be very satisfied to receive such a service from you!


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