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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Expiration IP / Expiration URL

As you have already read in our feature description of the "expiration time", we neutralise your account when a planned account update is not carried out or could not be carried out.
The standard procedure is that we assign a neutral IP to your account on which no service (email server, FTP server etc) is running. If you account is accessed via a web browser, we present a neutral page on which the surfer is informed that the page is not currently available. Better to give the user of your internet service a message than have him unintentionally land on someone else's server.

With the features "expiration IP" and "expiration-URL" you have the possibility to determine the configuration of your account when neutralisation takes place.

As already described, in the case of HTTP access we present a neutral information page. You can use the expiration URL feature to route the web access to a page you have defined, where you can provide a company logo - i.e. maintaining your corporate identity - and notify users about temporary maintenance etc.

The expiration IP enables you to route all access to your account to another static IP after neutralisation takes place. If you have a dedicated server, you can thus offer alternate services.

The expiration-URL feature is, for technical reasons, only possible for web access. Also, the two features cannot be combined.

If regular account updates do not take place, the standard procedure is that we configure your account with a neutral IP. For web access we present a neutral page with the notice that your are temporarily unavailable.
The expiration IP and expiration URL features allow you to determine how we configure your account if a neutralisation takes place, i.e. you can redirect access to your account.


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