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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

SMS notification

SMS notification is the logical extenstion of email notification.

As you have already read on the page about email notification , you can have short status information sent to your mobile phone as well.
You can configure our SMS notification more finely, though, so that you are informed about only serious problems at certain times.

In detail, you have the following configuration options for SMS notification:

  • Notification depending on the detected down-time.
    If we have neutralised your account, you can define a length of time after which you would like to be informed.
    For example, if you define 5 minutes, you don't receive an SMS if we were able to reactivate your account within 5 minutes.

  • Notification depending on the time of day.
    If there is a lower priority for your account at night than during the day, then you can define a period during which you would like to be informed via SMS.
    For example, if you choose 6:00 until 18:00, you receive an SMS at 6:00 if at that time your account has been down longer than the defined length of time.

  • Notification after reactivation of your account.
    Optionally, we can inform you via SMS when your account has been reactivated.
    We also inform you of the down-time in minutes.

Payment for SMS:

Our SMS notification costs you 19 EuroCents/SMS.
This is independent of the destination - world-wide! In order to carry out the payment comfortably, you don not have to open an SMS account with us.
Instead, we reduce the remaining time of your DynAccess account by a length of time corresponding to 19 EuroCents per SMS.
If you use this feature, you explicitly allow us to reduce the length of your contract.

19 EuroCent correspond
Business C 37 hours
HeartBeat A 19 hours
HeartBeat B 14 hours
HeartBeat C 11 hours

Your account is monitored - we inform you!
If you are a system house or one of our resellers who offer your customers the DynAccess service, then you can let yourself be informed and receive disruption messages. Before your customer notices it, you can react and take appropriate action.
Your customer will be very satisfied to receive such a service from you!


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