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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

In practice

Via our DynAccess service we enable you to obtain a worldwide unique name for your computer.

This could be, for example, <YourCompany> Everyone who should be able to access your computer / company file server can use this unique name to access at any time the resources you make available.

This assumes:

  • The computer which is to be accessed currently has an internet connection.

  • You have made the corresponding resources available and correspondingly configured your firewall and router.

  • You have informed our "DynAccess" service about the current internet connection.
    You can do this comfortably via, for example, our program for automatic account updates.

If you have spent time on this subject in the past, then you will clearly see how simple it is to use. The use of your own servers takes on a completely different dimension!


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