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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

The possibilities

The possibilities which you have with DynAccess are almost unlimited.

DynAccess can of course not turn a dynamic IP into a static IP, but with a dynamic-DNS service and especially with DynAccess you have possibilities with your dynamic IP as if you had a static one.
DynAccess, in contrast to other vendors, is characterised by the fact that we offer features for various areas which are essential if you have a dynamic IP - after all, you do not have a static IP!
However, in no case do we say that our features are superfluous for a static IP!
In the following, we would like to show you the possibilities with some examples. You will quickly notice that the list can be extended at any time - depending on what additional hardware and software you use.

Already many years ago, Mr. Gates dreamed of a coffee machine which could be controlled and monitored over the internet. House monitoring and house control are commonplace and can be implemented via DynAccess, even from your holiday location.

Your own webserver:
You can make your internal company webserver (intranet) accessible over the internet - password-protected or freely accessible!
You can also use this to implement special solutions which cannot be so easily implemented via an ISP.

Your own FTP server:
Allow your customers, employees, friends or just anyone to download data directly from your internal FTP server.

Your own mailserver:
Tell your provider to send emails directly to your company mailserver.
DynAccess offers invaluable features here which other dynamic-DNS vendors do not offer in such perfection.

Application Service Providing (ASP):
Make your Windows programs available over the internet. Access is via web browser! All you need is a Windows 2000/2003 server.

You can implement webcam solutions for professional monitoring with DynAccess!

Remote maintenance:
You can control remote PCs as if you were sitting in front of them.
VNC, PC-Anywhere or a remote-desktop solution can be quickly implemented.

Use your own Fileserver:
Make your file server available to the outside world (but keep security issues in mind).

External database use:
Allow your sales representatives access to address and / or calendar-management databases.

Virtual Private Networks - VPN:
All of the example applications described above can also be implemented via secure connections.
VPN is the choice for complete LAN networking.
The number of providers and approaches to solutions are by now almost too many to keep track of.
If you have not yet had any experience with VPN, then we recommend router-hardware solutions with corresponding features. Inexpensive equipment for professional use is offered by, for example, the company Lancom Systems.

. . .


This list can be extended indefinitely. Here, we wish only to demonstrate that there is almost nothing which is possible in your internal network but which shouldn't be possible form elsewhere.

(NAT-)routers which allow a common internet connection for several PCs, i.e. in the (company) network, offer invaluable services here.
These routers usually offer the possibility to block access from outside ("firewall funktionality") or forward them internally (port-forwarding).
They are often the basis for making resources available in a controlled manner.

For more on this topic, read our page on security in the support area.


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