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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

The problem

A short description of the problem:

Usually, in the internet one accesses only those servers which are permanently connected to the internet   -  computers which have a unique name.

If you connect to the internet via an internet access provider, then usually you have only client status, since due to your dynamic IP the permanently valid name is missing.

For sales representatives it would certainly be desirable to access the company network from anywhere. Thus, customers could be presented with information from the company intranet ...

It would be especially practical, though, if one could quickly get important information from the company fileserver at home, late at night, in order to be well prepared for the next day's business trip ...

    ... and that from anywhere in the world.

For companies with enough petty cash, certainly not a problem - VPN and e.g. SDSL with a static IP would be the solution.

The problem is thus finding an affordable solution for any company size.

Since the advent of online games, i.e. several players playing a game while connected via the internet, the phones are burning again.
The telephone calls are short - strange combinations of numbers are quickly exchanged.

The basis for the solution is just this combination of numbers which online gamers exchange! It is their current IP(*) - their "unique identification" on the internet

  ... but in practice this is difficult.
       How does one determine the IP of the current internet connection?

  ... but in practice this is troublesome.
       A new IP is assigned for each new internet connection,
       which must be exchanged again.

Our solution, in contrast, is simple!
Read more ...

(*)IP: An IP is a combination of numbers of the form Every computer connected to the internet is assigned such a combination of numbers. This combination of numbers is comparable to a telephone number - unique worldwide.


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