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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

The solution

The more elegant idea for the solution, however, makes use of a technique which everyone uses but few really understand.

It is the use of DNS - Domain-Name-Service.

If you have doubts about whether you know what the domain name service is, then please first read the page "DNS? What is it?" in the support area.
You will then have a better understanding of the following material.

DNS tells one the IP assigned to a given domain name - for example "" und "".
If the IP of the website changes for any reason (e.g. moving to a different server), then you don't notice this, since DNS simply delivers a new relationship between the domain name and the new IP - after all, a website is accessed via its name and not via its IP!

The solution is that we assign a unique domain name to a computer (for example, yours) which should be accessible over the internet.
We make use of the flexible DNS system to assign the changing IPs of computers which are dynamically connected to the internet to unique domain names.

You thus give your computer a name which is unique worldwide!



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