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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  


When programming your own account-update software, it is necessary that you take a few relevant specifications into account in order to achieve a dynamic-DNS implementation which you can depend on.

DynAccess is a service which is implemented via the internet. A problem-free operation cannot be guaranteed. Too many factors play a role here - we can directly influence only a few.
Even though we have a system availability of almost 100% for our account-update servers, problems can never be completely avoided.
If it cannot be avoided that you have to develop your own solution for automatic account updates, a few things need to be taken into account. The most important point, however, is:

  • After each account update you have to analyse the response of the system. If this returns valid values, the update was successful. It this was not the case, try the update again after a few seconds, until you obtain a positive result.

Various manufacturers of hardware routers with integrated support for dynamic DNS always carry out three updates after each IP change without testing the response value.
This is certainly not the way to a stable solution.

Before you start, please contact us so that we can perhaps help you implement a solution with low effort and highest possible system compatibility and stability.

Every access to our servers is recorded. If our account-update servers notice DoS or hacker attacks, automatic defense mechanisms are put into force.
This would be the case if problematic client software is used.

Please understand that we cannot provide detailed support for hobbyist programmers.


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