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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

If you would like to use your hardware router for automatic account updates because you do not have the possibility to run one of our programs for automatic account updates, we offer a interface which you can access with a freely configurable router.

Use the following parameters for the configuration:

update server
complete URL
your 5-character UserID, which you can obtain from
password your 7-character password

For your username / UserID you can use your complete DynAccess account name including the domain. Make sure that everything is written completely in lower case!
If your router does not allow this (due to the number of characters), then you can use your alternative router ID. You can obtain this from our Customer Centre on the first page in the overview.
Make sure that your RouterID is written completely in upper case!
For the password, please enter your password taking both upper and lower case into account.

After you have carried out an account update via router, check your success at --> LOG. Please do not depend on the status indicators of your router. We know that the Symantec 200R always indicates a successful update.
The GFeature configuration can be obtained from

Please note that routers usually carry out an account update only after a successful reconnection. You can make only limited use of our "expire-time" and rapid account neutralisation.
Adjust the expire-time value at to a meaningful value. If your provider terminates the connection every 24 hours, then enter 1450 minutes for the expire time.


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