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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Business tariffs

DynAccess is a dynamic-DNS service specially adapted to the business environment. The features and technology allow the use of a dynamic IP in a business-critical environment as well.
Monitoring tools permanently analyse your account and inform you of detected problems. Here, for example, you are assisted by our account-update programs for automatic account updates which have more intelligence than just carrying out a trivial account update.
If you update your account with other providers too often, this often leads to the cancellation of your account. Not with us, since

  • depending on your tariff, you update your accout up to 17,280 times per day, which is desired and a specialty of DynAccess.

  • we think of ourselves and support you to solve any problems we detect.
    For this, we offer you via our Customer Centre verbose logs and, for example, port-scanning possibilities.
    If open questions remain, our email support is happy to help.

A business tariff is right for you if you wish to implement, for example, site networking via VPN or the possibility of problem-free remote maintenance.

You should investigate a HeartBeat tariff if you offer your customers services for which connection interruptions and thus errors with the DNS configuration can be problematic.
These could be:

  • web servers, webcams, ...
    Show your customers alternate sites if your main site is down - and do this as soon as the connection is broken.

  • in-house email servers
    Just for this case we have developed the HeartBeat since even the Business C  tariff doesn't go far enough.
    Learn about the differences in our feature description of the HeartBeat.

  • Do you desire low-cost monitoring of servers and internet connections at important centres and branches?
    For this purpose, the HeartBeat and its far-reaching notification possibilities can be "misused".

All of this can also be important for private use, depending on the area of use of DynAcccess and the desired degree of perfection.
The basic rule with DynAccess is: With a higher tariff we execute and monitor everything more quickly and more intensively than with a lower tariff.

Under the item Overview of prices and features you can find a detailed description of which DynAccess features you have with each tariff.
Free and quick tariff changes are offered within the 3-week trial phase via our Customer Centre If you have decided to use DynAccess, then tariff upgrades are possible later as well.

For system houses, ISPs and resellers, Ambos InterNet-Solutions offers more extensive possibilities. Integrate dynamically connected servers into your domain/internet structure.
Feel free to discuss this with us.


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