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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

HeartBeat tariffs

Our HeartBeat tariffs are certainly the highlight of DynAccess.

As you have already read, it is important when using dynamic DNS in a business environment to notice internet connections which no longer exist and and set up a neutral configuration for the corresponding account as soon as possible.

This feature has been conceived for use with an in-house email server - but is meaningful in any business-critical environment where you desire the highest possible security even though using dynamic DNS.
In connection with our notification features via email and SMS, low-cost server monitoring is possible.

The feature basis of the HeartBeat tariffs is our Business C tariff.

In addition, you have:





HeartBeat every ... 45 sec 15 sec 5 sec
account neutralisation after 3 missed
HeartBeats within ...
  150 sec     55 sec     20 sec  
free configuration for the number of
missing HeartBeats until neutralisation
advanced SetIP
account-TTL in DNS (minimum) 15 sec 10 sec 5 sec
free configuration of the TTL
SMTP relay server
email forwarding
Hidden MX -
cost in Euros
per year
89.00 120.00 150.00

Under the item overview of prices and features you can find a detailed description of what possibilities you have with which DynAccess tariff.
Quick and free tariff changes are possible during the 3-week trial phase with a mouseclick via our Customer Centre If you have decided to use DynAccess, then tariff upgrades are possible later as well.

For system houses, ISPs and resellers, Ambos InterNet-Solutions offers further possibilities. Integrate dynamically connected servers into your domain/internet structure.
Feel free to discuss this with us.


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