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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Overview of prices and features

Whether you decide on a private or business tariff depends on your area of work and the features you need.
Note that the Private A+B tariffs are available only for private use.
If you are considering the Business-C tariff since it allows you 48 daily account updates with an expire time of 30 minutes, you should consider our HeartBeat tariffs.
These add the icing to the cake!

Common characteristics of the tariffs:

  • You receive an internet address whose correspondence to an IP in the DNS system is variable and changeable within 15-60 seconds (depending on the tariff).

  • The length of the contracts for the given prices is 12 months and is not extended automatically. You decide each year for renewal!
    Shortly before the end of your contract, we contact you via email to ask whether you wish to continue, whereby you never have to explicitly cancel your DynAccess contract if you no longer need it.

  • Due to the distribution of our complete system across several computing centers, high performance, short response times and redundancy are guaranteed.

  • You can test DynAccess for 3 weeks completely free - just sign up!
    Registration carries no obligations and you don't even have to cancel it if you don't want to use DynAccess after the test phase.

Short description of tariff differences

Private and Business








   cost in Euros per year 10.00 15.00 24.00 33.00 48.00

via email (German -
via email (English -

Account updates
via web interface
via our Windows program
via unseres Windows program (daemon)
via our Linux script (Perl)
via Fritz!Box
via Lancom-Router - -
via other hardware router
with dynamic DNS support
via your own scripts - -

Security feature for non-updated accounts
minimum definable expiration time in minutes 360 180 90 60 30
max. number of daily account updates
(except for IP changes)
4 8 16 24 48
email notification nach Ablauf -
additional email adress for notification - -
SMS notification after expiration - - - - $
individual expiration IP definable - - -
individual expiration URL definable - - -

Email features
emails can be sent directly to the IP
of the account
specification of an  alternative
mail exchanger
- -
additional specification of a
backup mail exchanger
- - -
Use of our 
backup email exchanger
- - - -
blocking viruses and spam - - - -

Special account/domain features
own domain
- - - -
subdomains 2 3 5 10 20
   cost in Euros per year 10.00 15.00 24.00 33.00 48,00

 : included in tariff      - : not included in tariff     $ : possible as an option

See also our feature pages, where we explain things in more detail.


The feature basis of the HeartBeat tariffs is our Business C tariff.

In addition, you have:





HeartBeat every ... 45 sec 15 sec 5 sec
account neutralisation after 3 missed HeartBeats within ...   150 sec     55 sec     20 sec  
free configuration of the number of 
missed HeartBeats until neutralisation
advanced SetIP
account TTL in DNS (minimum) 15 sec 10 sec 5 sec
free configuration of the TTL
SMTP relay server
email forwarding
Hidden MX -
   cost in Euros per year 89.00 120.00 150.00

For software service providers, ISPs and resellers, Ambos InterNet-Solutions offers further possibilities. Integrate dynamically connected servers into your domain/internet structure.
Feel free to discuss this with us.


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