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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Private tariffs

We offer the "Private A" and "Private B" tariffs which are often sufficient for private use.

In the "Private A tariff" - our entry-level tariff - with 4 daily account updates you can already use the technology of our advanced dynDNS service. In addition to manual updates via our web interface you can also use our software for automatic account updates.
The basic account costs EUR 10 per year.

In the "Private B tariff" - our extended entry-level tariff - we offer twice the power with 8 daily account updates. If there is a problem, we recognise this after up to 3 hours and configure your account with a neutral IP. If you so wish, we inform you when we notice that you are offline, which offers an introduction to the world of professional dynamic DNS.
The extended basic account costs EUR 15 per year.

In the overview of prices and features you can find a detailed description of what possibilities you have with which DynAccess tariff.
Tariff changes within the 3-week trial time are offered for free with just a mouseclick via our customer center If you have decided to use DynAccess, then tariff upgrades are possible later as well.

The private tariffs are limited to only private use.


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