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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Freely configurable hardware routers

If you have a hardware router with a freely configurable dynamic-DNS interface, then you can perhaps use it with DynAccess.
DynAccess has for this purpose an interface compatible with
Carry out the following configurations:

update server :
Port : 80 or 81
SSL : yes, port 443
Hostname : your complete account name
UserID : your 5-charcter RouterID, obtained via

Attention: in CAPITAL letters
Password : your Password (not MD5-coded)
take case (upper/lower) into account

After you have carried out the first account update via router, please check it via Don't depend on the status display of your router. Note that the Symantec 200R always indicates a successful update.

At it is neccessary to configure the "expireation time" since the router carries out an account update only when the IP changes. Set this time to the time interval at which your provider disrupts your internet connection. This is usually 24h, i.e. 1440 minutes.
Check that log at and make sure that your account is not expired for a few minutes each day. If this is the case, then increase the expiration time.

Keep in mind that routers usually carry out only one account update after a new connection is established. They can make use of the "expiration time" and short-term account neutralisation only in a limited manner.
The preferred solution is our account-update software.


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