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    advanced DynDNS service for professional use  

Client download

We offer free account-update software for Windows and Linux.

The Windows version offers a GUI (graphical user interface) as well as a daemon for carrying out regular updates from servers which one hasn't explicitly logged in to.

Tux das Linux-Pinguin The Linux version is based on a very lean and powerful C source code and runs as a daemon without a graphical display. Configuration takes place via parameters specified when calling the program.

Perl Kamel The Perl script is easy to use on various platforms. The configuration possibilities are more extensive than is the case with the Linux version.

Feel free to ask us about porting the client to other platforms or embedded systems.

Notes on third-party solutions: Whenever possible, you should preferentially use our software for automatic account updates of your dynamic DNS account as opposed to all other solutions.
Our versions are adapted to DynAccess with is features and redundant structures. You will not be able to achieve such stability with any other solution. For example, our current versions are able to carry out an account update even if DNS resolution is not functioning on your system.


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